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Best Quality is Our Standard


The quality of our products plays a key part in influencing the quality of waters and wastewater industry. Our quality assurance processes cover the entire value-adding chain and all production processes. In addition to our highly qualified staff and their pronounced quality thinking, we meet technical standards the world over.


Our customers place their trust in our power to innovate. Well-founded market research guarantees that all products are in tune with market demands. At the same time, our innovation management system ensures they are constantly improved and re-engineered. We devote close attention to the issues of tomorrow in cross-industry networking projects.


Working with ARKOC VALVE means partnership in a constant personal dialogue. We concentrate on the complex needs of our customers and pay meticulous attention to details. This result in continuous optimisation of efficiency in production and logistics and allows us to provide a comprehensive service. And wherever our customers are in the world we are there when they need us.


Reliability is the basis of quality, innovation and customers focus. Each member of staff helps to provide through a strong sense of personal commitment and responsibility. On the technical side, efficient and stable processes ensure maximum reliability.