In two seperate plants, with 5000 m2 open 18.000 m2 closed area, we produce customer driven special products with more than 90 experienced personnel. As well as increasing every year, appoximately 60.000 valves are produced yearly with the usage of 8000 ton raw material per year. The factory is located within Boring Machines , Radial CNC , Vertical Machining CNC , Welding Machines Automatic Blasting Unit , Paint Oven and Powder Coating Units, Dip Powder Coating Robot , 3D Engraving and Model Machine DN 40 - DN 2200 diameter range products are processed up to PN 40 pressure class. Different terms of use and production characteristics of the system are carried out in accordance with standards. With its investments, ARKOC VALVE carries on having a perfectionist approach for flawless products and service.


Our basic target can be described as ''responsible'' , ''excellent'' and ''innovative'' to reach the highest performance with the highest values as a leader in sector regarding technology and quality , to save the environment and nature during our activities , fulfill the requirements of the occupational health and safety , to be an example at this theme and to ensure continuous improvement. With this target, quality, environment, occupational health and safety processes and management system will be continuously developed and reviewed. As a respectful organization to society during our activities by obeying laws and regulations regarding environment and occupational health safety, by taking changes and updates as a target, by taking precaution to minimize occupational-work accidents and to prevent the deterioration of the health of the employees, to use actively our natural sources and waste, by minimizing our negative environmental impacts and it will be prevented environmental pollution by saving environment. We will provide continuous customer satisfaction by providing solutions and services, product that provides the greatest benefit to our customers. In parallel with this, considering the satisfaction of the employees to achieve the highest performance in all our processes and continuous development will be provided by authorizing them. Our collaboration with the suppliers that we see as long-term business partner will be carried out based on profit and mutual trust within the ethical rules.


With idea ''Products with high - quality are produced in a qualified environment'' and doing so with occupational health and safety and environmental awareness, every employees of our organization is responsible for our workplace is ''safety'', '' clean'' and ''regular''. We have a strong faith for all ARKOC family will support our efforts with this direction and continue. Innovative and creative approaches to ensure quality in all processes of consciousness in a systematic way, as part of '' Total Quality Management'' as ARKOC VALVE adopt and fulfill the requirement of ''EFQM Excellence Model ''. That is our common missions.