R&D is one of the key reasons that makes ARKOC preferable in national and international markets ARKOC continuously develops and improves its products by following new technologies, researches. By the help of simulation and analysis software products are tested and all controls are performed before products are delivered to the customer.

Today, Integrated Customer Satisfaction is an indispensable part of flawless service. ARKOC VALVE starts this process at the project stage and ends with a complete service quarantee after domestic or international sales.Informing and directing the customer in every steps of the work and an excellent quality assurance , delivery on time performance, the best possible price policy and customer satisfaction are the fundamental stones of the system.

Finite element analaysis and is used to confirm that the design meets customer demands.By the help of Fluid Dynamic Analysis, the customer is guided to choose the right product, appropriate for working conditions and needs.

The closing performance of valves are tested at dynamic test bench.

• Flow characteristic measuring
• Cavitation monitoring
• Check valve dynamic closing characteristic
• Precise pressure readings
• Medium temperature readings
• Disc angular position read